Client Success

Finbarr Ronayne

Director, FPR Media Consulting Ltd

Finbarr established an independent consultancy company after many years working as a senior executive within the news media industry.  Having been used to having a dedicated EA resource to support his executive responsibilities and organise his diary, he was now very much operating on his own devices.  Finbarr and I had previously worked together within the news media industry and he was aware I supported another mutual senior executive colleague.  He required a professional and reliable executive support function to assist him in the creation of project presentations for clients. This allowed him to devote more of his time actively engaging with clients while relying on me, with my knowledge of the software, to assist him as a virtual executive support function. 

Finbarr has immediate access to me whenever he requires executive support. Based on our previously established working relationship and with my intimate understanding of the news media industry, Finbarr is confident that I am able to complete his work to a high standard within tight timeframes.

The ability to access my support services as and when required is also more cost effective for Finbarr and this form of flexible arrangement offered by me is far more attractive than committing to a fixed cost arrangement offered by many other service providers.

I have been a client of KHVA for over 12 months (April 2019). Kerry provides me with a highly effective and reliable virtual service at an efficient cost. Service output is both professional and accurate and delivery is always within agreed timelines.

I would strongly recommend KHVA as an experienced professional and reliable service provided.
Finbarr Ronayne
Director, FPR Media Consulting Ltd
I have known Kerry for over 30 years, during which time she has worked with me at Harmsworth Quays Printing, Associated Newspapers and the Telegraph Media Group, in both personal assistant and executive assistant roles. She is hard working, conscientious, dependable and has first class organisational skills. Kerry has a positive, can-do attitude and is always upbeat, even under pressure - which these days has to be an essential skill.

She has a great understanding of the virtual role which is why she was the natural choice to become my assistant when I began working remotely.
Murdoch MacLennan
Chair of PA Media Group
Chair of Mediahuis Ireland
Chair of Scottish Professional Football League
Panel Chair of the Office for the Internal Markets
Board Member of Competitions and Markets Authority
Trustee of Royal Museums Greenwich

Murdoch MacLennan

Chair of:
PA Media Group
Mediahuis Ireland
Scottish Professional Football League

Panel Chair of the Office for the Internal Markets

Board Member of Competitions and Markets Authority

Trustee of Royal Museums Greenwich Greenwich

Murdoch spent many years working at an executive level within the newspaper industry and when he became Chairman of three organisations, moving away from the corporate role, he did not have access to administrative resources.  I had worked with Murdoch over the years and was familiar with his working style and requirements.  I was already knowledgeable of his systems, accounts and processes, most of which had to be set up again for him as an individual when he moved away from the corporate umbrella.

Murdoch always had access to an assistant to help with his busy corporate role and I was able to transfer my knowledge to continue a support mechanism, giving him the time to focus on his new non-executive directorships.  Once the new personal systems were in place, Murdoch was able to sustain the format he had with only a few adjustments relating to remote working.

Additionally, there was no logical location to position an office with an assistant, because his directorships were based in three different locations (Ireland, Scotland and London), a fixed office would create costly overheads, particularly when they would not be used on a full time basis, therefore, using a Virtual Assistant was a logical solution.

I have known and worked with Kerry for over a decade. She is absolutely terrific and has always been a fantastically effective and efficient EA and PA – prompt, precise, polite and punctilious.

Kerry has a charming manner on the phone, which is vital for a VA service, and is endearing and affable. She is extremely thorough, writes well and above all works hard.

I am happy to strongly recommend her.
Lord Black of Brentwood
Deputy Chairman, Telegraph Media Group
Kerry is an exceptional EA and PA in every sense. She is a consummate professional, conscientious, hardworking, discreet, proactive with her ideas, and a trusted confidante in every scenario. She also goes the extra mile, as she makes sure that she totally understands the business and Directors that she works with so that she can contribute to the wider programs and projects.

I worked with her for 9 years and would not hesitate in recommending her skills and talents.
Sarah Standing
Global Controller, Clyde & Co
Kerry worked with me on a couple of projects. I found her calm and unflustered approach to getting things done (no matter how last minute), allied with great humour and empathy was an ideal combination to keep teams focused on the tasks in hand.

I recommend Kerry highly
Richard Bogie
Managing Director, News Ireland & News Scotland
I have known Kerry for almost 30 years and had the pleasure of working with her for over 7 years when I was Finance Director of the printing division of Daily Mail & General Trust. Kerry is always cheerful, has a good sense of humour and shares a positive energy with her colleagues. Kerry is capable, diligent and communicates well at all levels, these qualities together with her calm efficient approach enables her to be a very effective assistant.

I have no hesitation in recommending Kerry’s services as a VA.
Keith Duncan
Managing Director, Kanda Accounting Ltd