Frequently Asked Questions

I am not local to you, is that a problem?

Location is not a problem.  We can communicate via telephone, email, or even video conference.

Are you insured?

KHVA is insured for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability.

How do you keep track of the hours worked?

Time is tracked and a detailed schedule will be enclosed with your invoice.

How do you break down part hours?

Charges are made in fifteen minutes increments.

What if a task requires additional hours?

If a task goes over a set package or agreement, you will be contacted to discuss how best to proceed.

What if I need headed paper, or branding on emails and electronic documents?

KHVA can adopt your branding / logo to relevant correspondence or emails, by letting us have a digital copy.

Can I have access to documents you are working on?

We can discuss the most efficient and convenient method of sharing documents.  Currently, we use Google Docs, Microsoft 365, however, other preferred methods can be discussed.  Although, confidentiality is a priority and should not be implicated.

Do I need to pay in advance?

Once a package has been selected, a payment must be made in full prior to each new month.  KHVA will send you an invoice on the first day of each calendar month.

What happens to any unused hours?

A maximum number of unused hours can be carried over to the next month (details of the maximum hours are clearly shown within the Service Proposal).

What is not covered in your rates?

Miscellaneous expenses eg postal costs, photocopying, travel fares will be charged separately.  Each additional expense will be listed on the timesheet accompanying your invoice, together with a digital copy of the receipts (where possible).

Privacy Policy & NDA?

KHVA is happy to sign an organisation’s own Non Disclosure Agreement.   KHVA’s Privacy Policy.

Terms & Conditions?

Terms and Conditions are also listed on all Service Proposals.

How do you take payment?

Payment can easily be made through online banking.

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