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I love challenges, problems and deadlines but like beating them even more. I work as a freelance senior executive assistant with board members, senior consultants and business leaders. I assume responsibility for tasks that prevent you from focusing on what really matters to your business.

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I am Kerry Harper, a Freelance Executive Assistant based in Rayleigh, Essex.  My extensive EA experience has derived from working in London for Senior Finance Directors, CEOs and Executives of organisations within the newspaper and media industry.   By providing the security of behind the scenes support, consultants, non-exec directors and small businesses can focus on their clients’ requirements and give their best expert knowledge gained from a wealth of experience, which will enable their clients to achieve the desired results.


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A Virtual Assistant can be many things to many people. We are versatile and can help with your administrative business needs; from diary and email management to maintaining and updating your Social Media and Website.
You can use us on an hourly ad hoc basis or sign up to a package for as little as 5 hours a month. It could not be easier!
We can look after those time-consuming administrative needs, without costly employment overheads. Should you have specific tasks or projects which are not listed, we can discuss your requirements as skills are often transferrable and can be adapted accordingly. By taking advantage of the service we provide, you can regain valuable time to optimise your business potential.


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